Health and Safety Advice for Plumbers

Health and Safety is a big issue in the plumbing and heating business. Many plumbing and heating contractors are finding that more and more health and safety concerns are making themselves known, and current legislation demands you to take your responsibilities seriously

here are various issues that you might need advice with. This includes:

– Exposure to hazardous substances such as lead or asbestos.
– Exposure to biohazards, including raw sewage.
– Exposure to electrics.
– Exposure to noise.
– Working at heights.
– Slips, trips and falls on wet surfaces.
– Working in awkward positions that could injure your back.
– Working alone for long periods of time.
– Burns from the release of hot water or steam.
– Stress.
– Reporting hazards/accidents.

It is important that any plumber or heating contractor has the right support and training for the job. Gram Services can help by providing advice through our technical helpline and factsheets. Gram also offer discounted training courses aimed specifically at your industry.

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