Could Your Home Harbor Carbon Monoxide?

It happens all over the country, in rain or shine, winter or summer. Carbon monoxide finds its way into a home, often with tragic consequences. We believe in putting the safety and best interests of our customers first, and this service lets us and our customers rest a little more easily at night.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

They look nearly identical to smoke detectors, and if you’re living in new construction, you may already have had one or two installed at that time. Usually located close to places where carbon monoxide tends to find its way into your home — near a furance or garage, for example — they will sound off an alarm similar to the sound of a smoke detector if higher-than-normal carbon monoxide levels are detected. It’s essential that you maintain a working carbon monoxide detector, especially in winter months. If your furnace is going or you’re prone to ‘warming up’ the car before you leave for work when the temperatures are low, you are at serious risk without a working detector. They can be purchased at any local home-improvement store.

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