Garbage Disposal Tips

December is a huge holiday month and your kitchen will definitely get a lot more attention – especially your garbage disposal. Here are some tips to make sure that your garbage disposal doesn’t get ruined this holiday season!The biggest reason for damage to garbage disposals comes from what gets put into them. The biggest culprit of clogging disposals is fats or oils. Fats and oils collect together more easily, but not only will it clog the drain, but it will give off an awful stench. Here’s a list of the top “don’ts” for garbage disposals:

• potato skins
• banana peels
• fats/oils
• carrots, celery
• coffee beans

After you’ve used your garbage disposal for your this holiday season, we recommend cleaning it. You can clean it by running cold water with a few ice cubes. This will help sharpen the blades. If there is a smell to it, use lemons or oranges, but makes sure these are grinded up before sending down the disposal!

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