Three Common Kitchen Ingredients that Causes Clogged Pipes

Over the years, plumbers in different parts of the world have been dealing with all kinds of plumbing problems in different degree. They have seen different plumbing issues from the simplest to the most complex. All the things that have something to do with plumbing issues are no longer new to professional plumber. This is why the can easily figure out how to address any plumbing issues at hand. That is also because of their accumulated knowledge on some of the most common causes of clogged pipes. That is indeed an interesting thing to know. Here are top three kitchen ingredients causing pipes to clog:

1. Cooking grease and oil – this is probably the most common cause of clogged pipes at home especially if you have the habit of flushing them off the drain. You should at once stop that habit to avoid dealing with a clogged sink in the future. As time goes by, these grease and oil can pile of in the drain and causes your sink to clogged up. This is why you should refrain from doing pouring out leftover cooking oils in your sink to avoid clogging it up in the process.

2. Pastas and noodles – apart from these two, grains of rice are also among the most common kitchen garbage causing the drains to clog. Hence, by all means you must do the best you possibly can in order to ensure they will not be flushed out into your sink when doing the dishes manually. You might think these are easily flushed out because these are small and soft particle but it is actually not the case. These tiny leftovers can form lumps which could cause clogging along the drain pipes.

3. Hair – this is another common cause of sink and pipe clogging. It becomes the cause of the problem especially when a massive amount of hair has been accumulated in the drains.

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