The essential first and second fix plumbing tools

The only experience most people have of plumbing is struggling under sinks trying to repair old pipe-work. But don’t despair – installing new pipe-work yourself is cleaner, easier and much more satisfying. Obviously, it should only be tackled if you are confident of your ability, but knowing which tools you’ll need will make any job go smoothly.

Pipe cutters
In restricted areas, it’s often impossible to work with even a junior hacksaw. In this case, a small 15mm or 22mm pipe cutter is the answer. These tools, which twist around the pipe to create a neat cut, only cost a few pounds but are an essential piece of kit. Larger pipe cutters work in the same way but are used for larger-bore pipe-work – these are a specialist item and can be hired.

Bending copper pipe
If you don’t want to use modern plastic pipe runs, you’ll need to be able to bend the copper piping. The cheapest method is a simple pipe spring. You can buy external- and internal- fitting versions, with internal being the most common. Slide the spring into the pipe and gently bend it.

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